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in the Republic of Panama
Our focus, our objective. The best way to exercise law is the one that is based in the proactivity.
Anticipate to the necessities of the client, propose, advise and manage the legal security of those who give us their confidence, is our job, our vocation, is what for more than 20 years it has motivated us, and will continue being the motor that move us toward the future.
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Cubias & Fung
Attorney at Law

For more than 20 years the partners of the Firm have accumulated experiences.  

From its beginning, the Firm has walked of the hand of a lot of clients, all diverse  productive and commercial areas, what has forged a base of knowledge that naturally  has developed, to a such extent that it has been possible to reconcile the law with the  operational processes of the company.  

Each area of management that CUBIAS & FUNG ATTORNEY AT LAW offers; is the product  of years of experience and the combination of circumstances that has achieved to  specify what the Firm is today.